Advice For A First Time Labor Worker: What Items To Have

If you have never done construction work or manual labor and you just got a labor intensive job outdoors, there are some key things you'll want to have. It's important to make sure you are properly prepared for the job with the right equipment, to keep your body healthy and strong for the job.

The employer may have a list of items you need or suggestions, and it's important to consider everything they recommend. Without the proper equipment you will have discomfort and difficulty working outside and on your feet for long hours at a time. Here are a few things you should consider

Work Boots

A pair of work boots that is comfortable to wear, along with being slip resistant and durable are necessary. There are many stores that carry boots designed specifically for laborers that work around construction sites with nails or glass, and for those that need their feet protected. Spending the money on a good pair of boots will keep your feet dry and supported while protecting them at the same time.

Protective Eyewear

A pair of safety glasses should be worn for many labor activities, but you don't just want a pair that protects your eyes from liquids and debris. You also want a pair that protects your eyes from the sun if you have to spend hours outside, you don't get UV damage and vision damage.

Supportive Back Brace

Those who are going to do a lot of heavy lifting should consider wearing a supportive back brace to prevent injuries, especially if you haven't spent a lot of time building up your core. The support can help you gain strength and prevent you from throwing out your back and more while you learn how to use your legs to lift heavy objects, instead of straining your back and stomach.

There are things that you also need to remember when working outside all day long in the winter and the summer. You need to remember to always have plenty of water to stay hydrated, to keep sunscreen nearby so you don't get burned by the sun, even when the weather isn't hot, and you should consider carrying a first aid kit with you in case you need it. If you are a first time labor worker and you don't know what you expect with your job, these are a few suggestions to help get you started.

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