How To Encourage Your Small Child To Wear Dressy Clothes

Your child probably has favorite outfits that he or she likes to wear, and you might not have any problem getting your little one dressed when those are the clothes that will be worn for the day. When you have to get your child dressed up for a party, church, social event, or other event that requires dressier clothing, however, you might feel as if you are fighting a war. Many kids don't like to wear unfamiliar, dressy clothing, but there are a few ways that you can help encourage your child to wear dressy clothes when needed.

Let Your Child Take Part in the Shopping Process

First of all, consider allowing your child to take part in the shopping process. Show your son or daughter the various outfits that are acceptable for dressier situations, and let him or her pick them out. Picking out clothing in a favorite color or in a style that he or she likes might be enough to get your child excited about dressier outfits.

Look for Clothing That is Comfortable

Dressy clothes aren't known for being comfortable, whether you're shopping for kids or adults. Keep comfort in mind when you're shopping or picking out a dressy outfit for the day; although adults might not mind suffering through an event in an outfit that is less-than-comfortable, a kid might not feel the same way. Try looking for clothing that doesn't have too much lace or other parts that are itchy and scratchy, and search for shirts that do not button too tight on the neck. Flat shoes can be a better choice than shoes with a heel -- even a small heel -- and your child might prefer wearing leggings underneath a dress rather than tights or hose. Along with making it easier for you to encourage your child to get dressed in dressier clothes, ensuring that the clothes are comfortable can also help prevent grumpiness later in the day.

Point Out Others Who are Wearing Dressy Clothing

Your child might be more comfortable wearing dressy clothing if he or she sees others doing the same thing. Point out other family members and their dressy outfits, or consider showing pictures of storybook characters or favorite celebrities who are also dressed up.

Encouraging your little one to wear dressier clothes can be tough, but there are things that you can do. Try these tips if you want to prevent a meltdown or war next time that you're preparing your family for a dress-up situation. Try visiting stores like ooh la la couture that specifically cater to dressier occasions to help your child see the variation available.