Three Tips For Caring For Your Daughter’s Smocked Dress

A smocked dress can be a staple of a young girl's wardrobe. However, it is an unfortunate reality that many parents may not be sure of how to properly care for these garments. This can expose them to a risk of suffering some forms of wear and tear. If this applies to you, using the following few tips will help you to ensure that your daughter's dress stays in good condition for as long as possible.

Reverse The Garment Prior To Washing It

Washing the dress will be one of the more basic and routine tasks that you will need to do. However, repeated washing can wear on the delicate stitching that is found in a smocked dress. This occurs because the stitching can rub against other garments, which can loosen the stitches or pull them out. Luckily, this is a fairly simple problem to avoid as you will simply need to make sure the dress is inside out when you wash it as this will help to protect the stitching.

Apply A Stain Guard

It is a fact of life that children can be rather hard on their clothing. Unfortunately, this can make it more likely that stains and other problems with the garment will develop. In order to minimize the risk of this happening, you can apply a stain guard to your child's smocked dress. This guard will create a protective layer that can inhibit pigments and other substances from discoloring the dress. When applying this guard, you will want to pay special attention to the stitching as it will often be a lighter color, which may make it easier to stain.

Have Loose Threading Repaired As Soon As Possible

When you are washing your daughter's smocked dress, you should visually inspect it for any signs of loose stitches. If you find threading that is starting to loosen, it is imperative for you to repair it as quickly as possible. Over the course of time, it is possible for this loose threading to gradually worsen, which can cause severe damage to the dress. If you do not have much experience when it comes to repairing a smocked dress, there are many dry cleaners and tailors that can repair this type of minor damage.

Your daughter's smocked dress may be one of her favorite garments to wear. However, if you do not take proper care of the dress, it is possible for it to quickly become too damaged to be worn. By appreciating the need to turn the dress inside out when washing, applying stain guards, and quickly having loose stitches repaired, you will be far better prepared to ensure that these garments last for as long as possible.

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