Properly Caring For A Tie-Dye Shirt

If you just purchased a vintage tie-dye shirt to show off your great taste in an alternative style, chances are that you will want it to retains its original appearance for as long as possible. There are several steps one can take to prolong the life of a tie-dye shirt. Here are some tips you can utilize to ensure your new piece can be used in your wardrobe choice for an extended time period.

Rinse Your Shirt In Cold Water Before A Machine Wash Cycle

Check to see if your shirt has specific instructions regarding washing procedures listed on the tag. In some cases, the washing instructions will be specifically for the material of the shirt and not for the dye that had been added. It is a good idea to ask the manufacturer when purchasing the item. If you did not do this step, take precaution in reducing fading of your colors by rinsing the shirt in cold water before it hits a washing machine for its first cleaning cycle. This will remove any dye remnants so they do not bleed into other colors in the washing machine.

Reduce Faded Colors With Proper Washing Tactics

It is best to wash your tie-dye shirt in cold water as warmer temperatures will cause colors to fade or run. Turn your shirt inside-out before placing it in your washing machine. Add a regular detergent and run the machine in a delicate cycle so there is less friction likely to wear away the coloring on your shirt. Wash your shirt alone so it does not put other clothing items at risk for discoloration. It is best to air dry your shirt rather than place it in a dryer to reduce fading and possible bleeding dye.

Protect Coloring With Frequent Vinegar Washes

One great way to enhance the colors on your vintage tie-dye shirt is with the addition of vinegar. This will brighten the dyes, giving your shirt a vibrant appearance. In between routine washing sessions, consider dipping your shirt into mix of water and white distilled vinegar. Place a cup or so of vinegar in your sink basin. Add cold water and mix well using your hand. Place your shirt in the solution and allow it to soak for several minutes before placing it in a cold wash cycle in your washing machine. The vinegar will help set the colors in place so they do not bleed prematurely. This process can be done as often as you wish to revitalize and protect the coloring on your shirt.

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