Times That A Custom Shirt Can Make An Event More Special

If you have an upcoming event that you're looking to make a little more special, it's worthwhile to think about how you might be able to add one or more custom shirts to the mix. If this isn't something that you've previously considered, it's advantageous to visit a custom printing company's website and see all the available options for custom shirts. Typically, you'll be able to browse a selection that includes T-shirts, long-sleeved T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, and more. There are a variety of events that can benefit from handing out custom shirts, including the following.

Anniversary Party

An anniversary party is a fun gathering of family and friends, and everyone will get a laugh out of the couple of honor wearing custom shirts for the occasion. You can design the shirts in a number of different ways, but a fun approach is to make shirts that look like sports jerseys. The rear of the shirts can pay tribute to the couple's wedding year. For example, if the couple was married in 1965, have one shirt say "Together" and "19" and the other say "Since" "65." When the couple stands together, their shirts will read "Together Since 1965."

Sports Banquet

Sports banquets often include the handing out of trophies, but having some custom shirts made up to recognize individual accomplishments or a championship team gives the athletes something that they can wear with pride. For championship-winning teams, include details on the shirts such as the name of the team and its logo, the name of the championship, the date of the title-winning game, and any other relevant details; for example, the names of the athletes on the back or down the sleeves. For shirts recognizing individual accomplishments, such as "most improved player," the shirts can list the name of the accomplishment, the year, and the team name.

Company Events

Many companies hand out plaques and other formal awards to recognize the accomplishments of their staff — for example, honoring salespersons who have achieved a specific sales quota in a given fiscal year. It can be fun to also give out some custom shirts that these employees can wear. You can go with something casual, such as a T-shirt for wearing at a company picnic, or something a little more classy, such as a polo-style shirt that the employees can actually wear to work. For the latter style, it's best to keep the design understated; simply include the name of the company, the sales target that was met, and the year. 

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