3 Tips For Proper Tie Length

You want to look your best for that date, job interview, or social event, that means picking out the perfect tie to go with your suit. But while you're choosing between paisley or stripes and deciding whether blue or red matches better with the rest of your suit, it's important to spare a thought for the length of your tie. A tie that's too long can look sloppy, and a tie that's too short looks awkward. You may not be aware of all the different things that can affect your tie length. Take a look at few tips for achieving proper tie length.

Save the Complicated Knots for Longer Ties

Sure, a fancy Italian-style knot or Eldredge knot looks snazzy and can give you a little extra flair. Many people stick with one or two simple knots almost all of the time, so if you have the skills and knowledge to use a complex knot, you should definitely use it. You'll stand out from the crowd in a subtle but important way.

But keep in mind that if you want to use a complicated knot that has multiple loops, you'll need to choose a tie that's a little longer in order to avoid winding up with a tie that's too short. If you have a tie that you love or that perfectly matches that one suit, but it happens to be a little on the shorter side, stick with less complicated knots with fewer loops that won't unnecessarily shorten the tie. On the other hand, if you have a tie that's always a little too long when tied with a simple knot, take the opportunity to learn a more complex knot. You'll achieve a better tie length and a new look at the same time.

Watch the Location of Your Waistband

Ideally, the bottom of your tie should hit the middle of your waistband. When you check yourself out in the mirror before you leave the house, that's the target that you should be looking for. However, that means that the cut and fit of your pants matter.

If you have a pair of pants that fit a little lower or higher than the majority of your pants, you may need to adjust your tie length accordingly for that particular pair of paints. Be aware of these differences in the location of your waistband, because ensuring that the tie hits that spot in the middle of the waistband is important for creating the visual effect that you're going for.

Don't Forget to Account for the Tie Clip

There are times when you really should wear a tie clip. If you're not going to be wearing a jacket the whole time, and you don't want your tie to flop around, a tie clip can help keep your tie in place. And even when you're wearing a jacket, you may want a tie clip if it helps you achieve a more formal or professional look.

However, you should know that your tie clip does affect the length of your tie. If you're going to wear one, you need to be sure to leave a little extra length when you tie the tie, because otherwise it's going to be too short.

Unfortunately, variety in tie length can be hard to come by. If you find that you have difficulty finding ties that are the right length for your height, body shape, and wardrobe, you may want to consider custom-length ties. With a custom-length tie, you can choose the length that's just right for you. For more information, talk to a company that offers this option, such as Risley Eleganza.