Four Decisions To Make When Shopping For Western Boots

Everyone loves a comfortable pair of western boots. They go with everything from jeans to skirts, and they protect your feet from the cold and rain, too! However, with so many styles of western boots available in stores, you might not know which pair to choose. It helps to narrow down the options before you eve get there. Here are a few decisions you can make as you start shopping for western boots.

1. How tall do you want your boots?

Western boots tend to come in three heights. There are short ones that just about cover your ankle, slightly taller ones that come up a few inches past your ankle, and tall ones that come to the middle of your calf. If you plan on wearing your boots mainly with pants, you may want the shorter once since they won't be as bulky under your pants. However, if you'll wear them with skirts or with your pants tucked in, taller ones can look classy.

2. What toe style do you want?

Pointed-toe boots are not very functional, but they can be stylish. Those with rounded and squared-off toes tend to be better suited for outdoor wear and actual work. If you want a good general purpose boot that's easy to walk in but still looks a little more refined, look for one with a more narrow, slightly rounded-off toe. 

3. Do you prefer neutral or colorful boots?

You'll see a whole range of boot colors, from generic brown to bright pink! Decide beforehand what type of color you're after so you don't walk out of the store with boots that only match one of your outfits. If you plan to wear your boots a lot, a neutral like brown or black -- maybe with a hint of color in the stitching -- is a good choice. On the other hand, if you plan on wearing the boots only on special occasions, you can choose more colorful boots in a flashy shade.

4. How big of a heel do you need?

So many people accidentally buy boots with too tall a heel. A heel larger than 3/4 inch will make the boots impossible to wear for any type of work or outdoor adventure. Only buy boots with a 1-inch or taller heel if you plan on wearing them for fashion purposes, only. Look for a big, square heel rather than a narrow one for more stability.

To see what style of western boots would suit you, check out retailers like JC Western Wear.