How To Accessorize Your Summer Wardrobe

Don't you just love spring and summer clothes? Goodbye to the heavy winter coats that totally cover up anything pretty you might be wearing. And, hello to fresh outfits that make you feel and look like a breath of beautiful fresh air. Have you already purchased new clothes that you'll be wearing during the summer months? If so, you might still be looking for accessories that will add interest to those outfits. 

From selecting adorable see-through plastic purses to buying the right jewelry for your new clothes, here are some ideas that might help you.

Transparent Plastic Purses - Have you already seen transparent plastic purses? If so, maybe you already bought at least one of them.The thing is, they're so affordable that you can buy several and still have spending money for other accessories.

Think of buying colorful transparent purses that match outfits you've selected already. For example, if you have a floral dress that has bright pink as its predominant color, a bright pink see-through purse would be darling with it. Or, buy a multi-colored jelly purse that will add interest to an all white jump suit. Something really different would be to buy a clear-like-glass transparent purse and then stuff a colorful scarf in it. For example, say you buy two of the same scarves. Tie one in a bow-fashion around your neck and then use the second one inside the purse.

Transparent purses make great evening bags, too. For example, select a clear one that has pearls as the focal point of the design. A very unique look would be a transparent purse that actually looks like a bottle of French perfume. That will be a real conversation starter, won't it? Or, select a transparent plastic purse that has flowers on it. That purse would be good for both daytime or evening wear. 

The Right Jewelry - Jewelry for sure will add pizzazz to your new spring and summer clothes. For example, if you bought the white jumpsuit and you plan to carry a multi-colored transparent purse, chunky colorful wooden beads would add interest to the outfit. For a dressier look, think of wearing gold-toned or silver-toned jewelry with that jumpsuit.

Consider taking your transparent plastic purses with you when you're planning to pick out jewelry items. That way you can match colors exactly, or you can buy jewelry that complements the colors of the see-through purses you bought.