5 Tips for Creating a Custom Embroider Design for a Polo Shirt

If you have a business that you are running and want to create a custom shirt for your business, an embroidery design on a polo shirt is a great way to create a business shirt that will make all of your employees look professional. When it comes to creating a custom embroidered design, there are a few things you need to know about designing an effective embroider design.

Tip #1: Keep the Design Small

First, you are going to want to keep the design small. With embroidery, it works well when it is not designed to be too large. When you make the logo oversized, it tends to start to take on more of a cartoonish and less of a professional look. With an embroidered logo, you want to keep the logo smaller than about an inch in height and an inch or two in width. A logo that is seven inches tall and embroidered may not have the professional look you are going for.

Tip #2: Keep the Design Simple

Second, keep the design simple. The design will be stitched into place, so an intricate design can look convoluted when it is stitched out on a piece of fabric. The best embroidery designs are simple and stick to using only one or two colors in the design and keep the lines precise and uncomplicated. 

Tip #3: Be Creative with the Design

Third, it is okay to get a little creative with the design as long as you keep the lines simple and easy to stitch. You don't want to use a too generic design, as you may lose the brand identification you are going for. For example, if you run a golf course, simply creating a golf stick logo maybe a little too simple. A logo with a golf stick and the name of your golf course across the bottom, however, would be simple enough to stick and creative enough to stand out.

Tip #4: Be Careful with Fabric

Finally, when choosing the polo shirt you will use, pay attention to the fabric. Embroidered logos tend to wear well on knit shirts and denim shirts. Embroidered doesn't work that well on cotton or performance fabrics, as the material will gather around the embroidery after it is washed.

If you want to give your business a uniform look, creating a unique embroidered design to go on some knit polo shirts can be a great way to create uniformity and professionalism with your business uniform. For more insight, contact companies that supply custom embroidered polo shirts.